All- Russian Festival of Arts for Children and Young People Golden Turnip
In 1994 The Department of Culture of the Samara Regional and City Administration, the Samara Branch of the Theatrical Workers Union of the RF, the Department of Theatres for Children and Young People of the Theatrical Workers Union of the RF, ASSITEJ  Russian  Center and the Samara Theater for Young Spectators SAMART initiated a festival for children and young people in the Volga Region. The theatrical circles pointed to a high organizational level of preparation and carry out of the festival which caused a big interest among spectators. Theatres from Moscow, St.Petersburg and other regions of Russia as well as guests from Spain (Kikilimon Theatre) and Cuba (Buendia) participated in the festival.

The festival had  broad repercussions. There were a lot of positive comments in the local and central mass media. Many letters from spectators with requests to continue this interesting initiative were received.

Discussions in the Theatrical Workers Union of the RF resulted in a proposal to change the form of the festival and give to it a status of an All-Russian Festival of Arts for Children (theatre, cinema, fine art for children, literature, folklore). The ideas of integral aesthetic upbringing of children found broad response in the European countries. Thus a European System of Creative Organizations for Children and Young People including more than 35 institutions of a different profile from 20 European countries, Theatrical Workers Union of the RF inclusive, was founded in Italy in 1991.

In 1995 the festival in Samara was carried out as an All-Russian Festival of Arts for Children. The spectators saw the best performances of the children and young people theatres from Kirov, Vologda, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl some of which were the laureates of the Golden Mask National Premium. The bright events of the festival were the following ones: Oliver , Young Actor Theatre from Moscow under the guidance of A.Fedorov, Danish Story , Yaroslavl, Cave, Archrangelsk.

Theatre of Generations under the guidance of Z.Korogodski, St. Petersburg and Twelve Theatre (Cuba) caused a big interest

Within the festival framework other activities were held, such as: research and practical conference Theoretical and didactical basis of the artistic education with participation of professor Z.Korogodski, National Artist of the RF, from St.Petersburg, professor of the Artistic Education Institute (Moscow) A.Ershova. A.Fedorov, Art Director of the Moscow Theatre of a Young Actor conducted a master-class in the Samara House of Actor.

1997 the festival got the name of the Third All-Russian Festival of Arts for Children and Young People Golden Turnip. The festival emblem was specially developed by a famous artist Tonino Guero. For the first time not only professional theatres were represented at the festival but amateur school theatres as well.  Samara spectators saw the best performances from St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Yaroslavl, Orel. For the third time the international status of the festival was confirmed because theatres from Japan (Seigei) and Spain (Gumbarde) brought their performances to the festival.

Famous actors, artists, writers were the guests of the festival: G.Taratorkin, A.Kalyagin, A.Borodin, A.Philippenko, Z.Korogodski, V.Zhuk, S.Altov, M.Bartenev.

The creative potential of the festival is very high, it has become popular among other festivals in the country. The Samara festival may be placed among with such famous festivals as Minifest (Rostov-on-Don) and Real Theatre (Ekaterinburg).

The Festival does not have analogues in the country, its originality and distinction from others lies in the idea of uniting all kinds and genres of arts for children within the framework of one festival.  Along with the Russian participants theaters from Germany, England, Switzerland, Usbekistan, Ukrain were invited to the Festival.. Samara has become a place of meetings, peculiar creative study courses as well as the place of acting technique development for brotherhood from different children and youth theaters.


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